Allied School of Dental Assisting offers an 8 week course to prepare you for a new career in dental assisting. Classes meet on Saturdays from 8 am to 4 pm in a large, modern state-of-the-art facility. You will receive practical hands-on training in a fun and supportive environment.

Quality Education and Training

At Allied School of Dental Assisting, our experienced instructors are dedicated and passionate about providing a quality education to our students.

  • Procedural and Sterilization Protocol
  • Dental Specialties
  • Etiquette and Professionalism in the Dental Office
  • The Principles of Clinical Chair-Side Dental Assisting
  • Skills, Techniques, and Industry Standards in Treatment and Technology


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We are very excited in your interest in becoming a dental assistant. The dental assistant has a very important position in the dental office. Becoming a dental assistant is a very fulfilling and rewarding career that you can be proud of.

High quality dental care is delivered through a team effort. Allied will train dental personnel well so they can become valuable team members for any dental practice. Our class sizes are small, with 2 instructors, so that our students get lots of personal instruction.

We encourage you to attend our Open House to tour our facility and discuss our program. Please check our Classes page for our Open House and Class schedule.

Dental Assisting Operatories
Students receive hands-on training.
Dental Care
Students learn about patient care.
Dental Molding
Students learn dental care processes.

So, what is Dental Assisting?

A Dental Assistant is directly involved in patient care by assisting the Doctor during procedures and by attending to the tasks that do not directly require the Dentist but are necessary in order to provide efficient treatment to the patient.

A Dental Assistant is responsible for . . .

Setting up trays with the correct instruments

Preparing materials and equipment needed for procedures

Assisting the Doctor during procedures by passing the correct instruments

Assisting the Doctor during procedures by Suctioning and Retracting

Disinfecting the treatment room after procedures

Sterilizing instruments

Taking impressions and pouring models

What We Teach

At Allied, we will prepare you for launching your career by training you in . . .

Chair-Side Assisting

Learn how to assist the Doctor during procedures by passing instruments, retracting and suctioning.

Dental Anatomy and Terminology

Learn and understand the terminology used to communicate with the Doctor and staff.

CAD/ CAM Technology

Learn about Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing as well as other modern dental technologies.

Dental Materials

Familiarizes students with the materials of the dental profession.

Infection Control

Learn how to prevent the spread of infection, cross contamination, and maintain sterility in a dental environment.

Dental Specialties

Learn about the various specialties that exist in the Dental field.


Learning the techniques to take and evaluate clinical X-rays after licensing.


Learn about braces and Invisalign and orthodontic records.

Patient Psychology

Learn how to calm a nervous patient and work with children.

Lab Procedures

Learn to make bleach trays and learn about the fabrication of other appliances and temporary crowns.

Oral Pathology

Learn about the various diseases of the mouth.

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Pharmacology and Pain Control

Learn how various drugs and medications are administered and their affects.

Training in Fabrication
Students are trained to fabricate night guards and bleaching trays.
Orthodonics Care
Students are trained in orthodontics care.
Proper Assisting Care
Students learn proper assisting and suctioning skills.
Knowledgable Instructors
Students learn from experienced and well trained Instructors.