Learn about braces and Invisalign and orthodontic records.

Orthodontic appliances are often fabricated from metal, ceramic, or plastic aligner. They can be removable or may be brackets secured to the teeth. By inserting a continuing, mild force in a precisely controlled direction, braces slowly move teeth to a corrected position. This is an excellent time to wear braces! Gone are the times when a metal band with a bracket was placed around every tooth. You’ll be able to select brackets that are clear or metallic color. You’ll be able to select the color of the ties that hold the wire in brackets. Wires are less noticeable than they used to be and therefore the latest materials move teeth quicker with less discomfort to patients.

Treatment time generally ranges from one to two years, depending on the expansion of the patient’s mouth and face and therefore the severity of the matter. Patients grow at totally different rates and can respond differently to orthodontic treatment, therefore the time to case completion can vary from the initial estimate. The patient’s diligent use of any prescribed rubber bands or headgear is a crucial factor in achieving the greatest and most efficient treatment. Interceptive, or early treatment procedures, could take as few as six months.

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